Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mixtape of the Week

I've been in a weird mood this week and these songs seem to bring me to another place.
1.And Then You-Greg Laswell
2.Another Country-Tift Merritt
3.Undone in Sorrow-Crooked Still
4.Please Forgive Me-Bryan Adams
5.Warm Whispers-Missy Higgins
6.Hello-Schuyler Fisk
7.You Could Love Me-The Colorful Quiet
8.Daffodils-Charlene Soraia
9.Miss You-Blink 182
10.Permanent-Jason Reeves and Colbie Caillet(only found on youtube) :(
I would love any song suggestions you might have!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Currently Reading

So I was in the theater the other day seeing Star Trek(which was awesome!) and saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It. Looks.Awesome. Now, I had never read Harry Potter before because it sounded weird. But now I am giving them a try. I just read the first two and they were cute, but a little young. I am about to start the third book, The Prisoner of Azkaban and everyone says it is really good. I hope it is! What do you think? Is the whole series worth reading?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Before Edward, There Was Angel

So I know that because of Twilight, vampires are everywhere. They are more popular now than they have ever been. But we mustn't forget that vampires have been around in books, tv shows, and movies for a very long time. And probably my favorite supernatural show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was truly a show before its time and the creator, Joss Whedon, is a genius. Now, I love Edward Cullen. He is the perfect man. Well, not man exactly. But before Edward, there was Angel. The Vampire that fell in love with the enemy. Angel is up there on my list of amazing men, dead or alive. It is one the sweetest romances, the love between Buffy and Angel. If you haven't watched it, I beg you to! You won't regret it. Here is a very cool montage of their relationship and its pretty awesome!

P.S. The song is Porcelain by Moby and I think its pretty kick awesome!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mixtape of the Week

I love making mixes! It is so relaxing! Anyway I made a new one this week and it is somewhat more mellow. Definitely a rainy day mix!
1.Rescue Me-Jessica Sonner
2.Following Slowly-The Frames
3. Sorry-Maria Mena
4.Grace-Saving Jane
5.Thrown Down-Fleetwood Mac
6.Passing Afternoon-Iron and Wine
7.Going Under-Evanescence
9. Good Enough-"-amazing song!
10.Broken-Seether featuring Amy Lee
11.I Think God Can Explain-Splender
12. Light on My Shoulder-Susie Suh
13. God Only Knows-The Beach Boys

Friday, May 15, 2009

Song: "Song For Someone" by The Frames

I never saw the movie "Once" but the soundtrack was amazing and the male lead in the movie (Glen Hansard) is a band called the Frames and they are amazing! Here is him singing a song called "Song for Someone" live. It is incredible.

Cutest Office Moment of the Season

So I love the Office, it is literally my favorite show and Jim and Pam are one of my top 5 favorite couples. Unfortunately there hasn't been a whole lot of Jim and Pam this season. However, this clip makes up for it entirely! I was laughing and crying at the same time just because I was so happy. I just had to share it with all of you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Song: "So Are You to Me" by Eastmountainsouth

I absolutely love this song! It is so romantic and meloncholy. I just have to share it with all of you! Also this is an unofficial music video but so lovely!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So SNL was hilarious and I think Justin Timberlake is really funny and talented. This video is a follow up to their famous "Digital Short" they did a few years ago entitled "Dick in A Box." This video is a dedication to all mom. Warning:adult themes.


So I bought The Forest of Hands and Teeth expecting a scary and interesting book but it wasn't good at all! It started out alright and there is some excitement about half way through. However getting to the middle was a chore, and after it I couldn't even finish it and I hate that! First, I couldn't wrap my head around Mary. I didn't like her for one and two she kept changing her mind on certain situations. There wasn't much character development and I didn't care very much about them. There is probably one sad scene that made me actually feel something was when everyone found out Beth had been Infected. Other than that, I did not enjoy this book. Maybe thats just me and you might love this book, but I think that this book is just a dud.

Comment me and tell me what you think of this book!

New Music Tuesday

Tuesday is one of the best days of the week for two reasons: Usually some good books are released, and even better new music is released on iTunes! It totally makes my day! So here is a list of songs that I want to buy!
1.Paranoid-Jonas Brothers
2.Long Road to Ruin-Foo Fighters
3.Battlefield-Jordin Sparks
4.She(For Liz)-Parachute
6.No Surprise-Daughtry
7.Edward-Shannon Thomas
8.Passing Afternoon-Iron and Wine
9.Dreams-Fleetwood Mac
10.The Underdog-Spoon
What songs do you want to buy?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Contest

Hey I just wanted to let you know that over at Lauren's Crammed bookshelf there is a contest to win a book called "How to Buy A Love of Reading." It looks really cute so go here: and enter to win a copy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Sweet Romance!

I am such a sucker for romantic movies, and right now I have an obsession with period dramas. Searching for trailers on youtube, I found this video of montages of amazing period films. It is one of the best vids I have ever seen I just had to share with you! I just watched North and South and it was AMAZING!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Movie:Seven Pounds
Director:Gabriele Muccino
Cast:Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, and many others
Recently my friends and I went away to a water park for a fun weekend and we decided to watch a movie. After much consideration, we decided to watch a movie called Seven Pounds that I had heard received many great reviews. I had no idea it would be so emotional and touching, maybe even life changing. The story begins with a guy(Will Smith) who calls a telemarketer and starts yelling at him! I'm serious, that is the beginning of the movie. However as the film progresses, more and more pieces are put together. The hero of this film tries to change seven different lives and he does these amazing things for them. I know this is vague but I don't want to give anything away. All I have to say is that I bawled my eyes out. Please go see this movie and tell me what you think! Truly incredible!

Mixtape of the Week

I don't mean to brag or anything but I make a mean mixtape. This is the mix I made for my long trips to and fro from school.
1.Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne-the best car song ever!
2.Friday I'm in Love by the Cure-If I could marry a song...
3.Just Like Heaven by the Cure-Sooo romantic
4.Homecoming by Kanye West and Coldplay-they are amazing together!
5.Tiffany Blews by Fall out Boy-fun and catchy song
6. Heart of Gold by Neil Young-one of those songs that you just close your eyes and go to a happy place.
7.Nothing That You Are by Mandy Moore-great song for when boys tick you off!
8.Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen-Not the biggest fan of "The Boss" but I love this song, so romantic and sweet.
9.More Adventerous by Rilo Kiley-amazing song. That's all I can say.
10.New Slang by the Shins-The coolest song I know.
11.Trust Your Stomach by Marching Band-okay weird title, but this is so fun!
12.American Pie by Don McLean-8 minutes long and I know every word.
13.Love Story by Taylor Swift-Cm'on she sings whats in a girls heart!
14.Men in Black by Will Smith- I adore Will Smith
15.Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Lady Antebellum- I can't help but blare this song!

Books I Want to Read

So I have a box full of books that I need to read but I am most excited to read these:
1. The Alchymest-Michael Scott
2. Songs of the Sparrow-Lisa Ann Sandell
3.Gone-Michael Grant
4.Life As We Knew It-Susan Beth Pfeffer
5.Graceling-Kristin Cashore
6.Radient Darkness-Emily Whitman
7. Dead Until Dark-Charlene Harris
8. Age of Innocene-Edith Wharton
9.Les Miserables-Victor Hugo
10. Stray-Rachel Vincet

Song: "Farewell" by Rosie Thomas

This is such a great and mellow song. Perfect break-up song.

What I Am Currently Watching

So I went to Target today with my sister, who just got her license so she wanted to drive. While I was perusing the dvd section I saw that Psych season 1 and 2 were on sale for a total of $40! I was estatic! So right now I am watching season 1 and laughing hysterically. I know it's not a popular show, but it is so funny and somewhat innocent. It is just one of those feel good shows! I definitely suggest watching this show!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Sarah! I'll tell you right up front, I am not really a very opinionated person. So why have a blog you ask? Well, I have one talent in life and that is that I know everything there is about pop culture. I don't know why. I just do. Because of that, I am obsessed with everything concerning book, music, movies, and t.v. shows, and I daily check If you aren't into that kind of thing, you might just want to stop reading this now. But if you love to read, listen to different kinds of music, watch movies and/or t.v., maybe I can tell you what is the good stuff and the bad stuff. And please let me know of anything you might be reading or listening to, what movies you love! I love discovering new things! So thats me in a nutshell. I hope you read my blog( which obviously you are because you are reading this) and please message me anytime!