Monday, May 18, 2009

Mixtape of the Week

I love making mixes! It is so relaxing! Anyway I made a new one this week and it is somewhat more mellow. Definitely a rainy day mix!
1.Rescue Me-Jessica Sonner
2.Following Slowly-The Frames
3. Sorry-Maria Mena
4.Grace-Saving Jane
5.Thrown Down-Fleetwood Mac
6.Passing Afternoon-Iron and Wine
7.Going Under-Evanescence
9. Good Enough-"-amazing song!
10.Broken-Seether featuring Amy Lee
11.I Think God Can Explain-Splender
12. Light on My Shoulder-Susie Suh
13. God Only Knows-The Beach Boys


  1. oh my gosh darn i love susie suh! have you heard won't you come again? It's beautiful! So if you haven't you really should :D

    Nice Mix!! :)

  2. Whoa hadn't seen Iron & Wine at first I LOVE Iron & Wine!! Passing Afternoon is one of my favs but my absolute favorite is Love and Some Verses. :D

  3. Great mix! A lot of good songs on there.