Thursday, September 10, 2009

Romance, Pop Culture, and Music For the Soul

ell hello there! So sorry for not posting lately but school started back up and I haven't had time. But there are a few things going on in the world right now that I super excited about!

Number One: The Vampire Diaries comes on tonight at 8 0' clock on the CW! I know it might try to be Twilight but what I love about this show is that it is a based on a book that came out in the 90's, way before Twilight was even dreamed of! Now confession: I've never read the books, but I have read other L.J. Smith books and I adore them! And plus the guys who are playing Stefan and Damon: can we say HOT? I think this show has a great premise and hopefully will turn out to be a great show! Only time will tell!

2. So I'm a fan of a few reality television shows but most of the time I think they are stupid. That's just me. But I think that some reality television does serve a greater purpose by letting people get a chance to have their dream come true. Shows like America's Next Top Model, America's Got Talent, and American Idol. Now, I love American Idol. It is one of the most entertaining shows on television and probably the most watched reality show ever. However, in the last few years the show's entertainment value has gone down a few notches. Mostly because I think people got tired of the routine that American Idol has settled into over the years. I also think that is why people were shocked when Paula Abdul left the show for whatever reasons, and people started to freak out, thinking American Idol might never be the same. Watching Paula Abdul stoned was one of the best things about the show. I kid, but I was absolutely disappointed and wondered how the show was going to make up for the loss. There was the exciting news that there would be amazing guests judges such as Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and many more. But nothing has been more exciting for me than to find out that Ellen Degeneres would in fact be taking over for Paula Abdul. I love Ellen Degeneres and I don't think they could have picked someone better to take her place! Here is the video of Ellen announcing that she will be the new judge on AI! I'm SO HAPPY!

3. So I just bought a lot of books including Wish by Jackson Pierce, The Hollow by Jessica Verday, and Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. See, I've been on this journey to find the most romantic books on the planet and to read every one of them. But it is so hard to find an good romance that isn't ridden with sex or vulger language. I absolutely hate reading books where the romance is just fake and forced. I loved Twilight but I know not every story can have that kind of romance but i know there are good books out there that do. I loved the Hunger Games, Wake/Fade, City of Bones/Ashes/Glass and all of those meet my expectations. That is why I need you guys to help me find a great book with great characters and romance. I would appreciate greatly any ideas you might have! Thanks so much guys!

4. Another thing you might not know about me is that I am obsessed with music! My itunes bills are throught the roof and I think i might have an actual addiction! Just when I think I have bought every good song imaginable I find more! I just wanted to share with you what songs I have been listening to and please share your list of your favorite songs!
1.Mannequin Loveseat-Single File
2. Lost With You-The Heyday
3.Your Song- Kate Walsh
4.Samson-Regina Spektor
5. The (Shipped) Gold Standard-Fall Out Boy
6. White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes
8.Soon We'll Be Found-Sia (amazing!)
9. Make Me Whole-Amel Larrieux
10.Stay-12 Stones

So that's what taken over my thoughts this week! What else is going on that I might not know about?

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  1. Ellen is *really* the new American Idol judge? I saw that somewhere but I figured it was a joke. I do think she'll be great though.